An Industry Leader Built to Support You

Neogen® has been a supplier and supporter of global laboratories for 38 years. In that time, we’ve developed a great reputation across multiple industries while providing cutting-edge solutions, industry insights and trends, and additional support as regulations evolve. As your laboratory service partner, our primary goal is to provide you with everything you need. We’re well-known for our robust microbiology solutions, unmatched 24/7 global customer assistance, and customer service. Whether your area of focus is food testing, forensics, environmental testing, pharmaceutical, clinical, research and academia, or something in between, we have the experience and knowledge to support your facility with the right resources and robust solutions.

Committed to Enhancing Commercial Laboratories

We partner with commercial testing labs worldwide to provide a variety of industry-leading solutions and services. As a commercial lab, you may have a lot of required testing. That’s why our solutions are developed to make workflows more efficient and eliminate downtime by providing quick, accurate results while smoothly fitting within your lab processes. When choosing with Neogen, you receive more than a testing solution — available to you is our 24/7 global assistance, our Proficiency Testing programs, and more.

General Microbiology

For decades, we’ve been a trusted provider of accurate, easy-to-use microbiological solutions. From culture media to Petrifilm® to Sample Collection Tools — you’re covered.
Microbiology Solutions

Allergen Testing

Our proven food allergen test kits accurately detect various allergens and smoothly fit into any allergen control plan.
Allergen Solutions

Pathogen Testing

Neogen® utilizes the finest technology to provide pathogen testing with industry-leading sensitivity that can drastically reduce your time to result.
Pathogen Solutions

Food Quality & Nutrition

Neogen now offers testing solutions for enzymes, sugars and Dietary Fiber. These kits are bundled to make running a lab easier.
Food Quality & Nutrition Solutions

Mycotoxin Testing

We provide you with a wide range of qualitative and quantitative test kits to cover all of your testing needs.
Mycotoxin Solutions

Services Tailored to Support You

Receive product training, sample testing, Proficiency Testing programs, and other solution-oriented services designed to enhance your lab’s efforts.
Laboratory Services

A Global Provider of Forensic Testing Solutions

Neogen supports many forensic laboratories globally, including law enforcement facilities, both public and private labs, and many others. Keeping up with emerging drugs and abuse trends is critical for public health and safety. That’s why our team of experts is continuously developing new solutions, methods, and equipment to ensure your testing requirements are met. Our comprehensive portfolio of ELISA-based test kits is designed for high throughput with improved efficiency and accuracy, so you can consistently receive reliable results.

Drugs of Abuse ELISA Kits

Our ELISA and immunoassay kits portfolio are validated with multiple matrix types like urine, blood, oral fluid, and more.
Shop Forensic Toxicology

Optimal Oral Fluid Collection Kits

Our oral fluid collection kits are designed for quick collection with no additional processing or accessories required by your laboratory.
Shop Oral Fluid Collection

Automated Equipment for Easier Testing

Compatible with our ELISA kits, we offer automated equipment to improve efficiency, throughput, accuracy, and ease-of-use.
DSX® Automated System

Geared to Assist Laboratory Academia and Research

Neogen’s proud to globally support universities and schools dedicated to laboratory research in various fields, such as genomics, life sciences, food safety, and more. Our primary goal is to provide industry-leading solutions and insights to assist the dedicated individuals geared towards furthering their industry’s developments. When you choose Neogen, you don’t only receive a product — we offer unmatched support from start to finish with many programs and services.

Genomic Solutions Fit for Research

Our custom genomic solutions and sequencing applications can be designed to fit most project needs.
DNA Sequencing Solutions

ELISA Kits for Research Use

Receive consistent results with our ultra-sensitive, quick, and accurate ELISA test kits for research with various assays available.
Life Science Research Solutions

Discover Our Substrates and Reagents

Our expanding line of substrates and reagents is designed to meet your immunoassay needs.
Reagents for Immunoassays