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A Global Partner can Make a World of a Difference

For over 30 years, Neogen® has been a consistent global supplier of high-quality substrates to IVD manufacturers and independent researchers, allowing quick delivery and reliable assistance with different locations worldwide. As your partner, we’re happy to help you select the proper formulation from our colorimetric and chemiluminescent HRP and AP substrates to develop your assays and meet your regulatory requirements. Whether you develop tests for infectious diseases, drugs of abuse, food safety, or something in between, our experts are ready to supply you with the substrates and reagents and support you need to succeed. With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we ensure our customers receive consistently high-quality products.

Superior Activity with Industry-Leading Colorimetric Substrates

With years of experience, we understand how performance and adaptability to changing regulatory requirements are crucial. That’s why we’re continually expanding our K-Blue® and K-Gold® product portfolio and other colorimetric substrates to meet your immunoassay needs. Our colorimetric substrates offer superior activity, excellent sensitivity, and lot-to-lot consistency. Please reach out to a Neogen representative with any questions.

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Your Partner for Sensitive Chemiluminescent Solutions

We provide luminol-based chemiluminescent formulations for horseradish peroxidase (HRP) microwell and membrane applications. Our Chemiluminescent Elite, Elite Plus, and Ultra formulas are easy-to-use and provide sensitivity ranging from picogram to femtogram. We also offer ultra-sensitive 1,2-dioxetane-based chemiluminescent formulations to detect alkaline phosphatase (AP) enzymes in microwell and membrane applications. For chemiluminescent AP detection, we provide Chemiluminescent AP Select Plus 450, AP Select Plus 540, AP Select 540, and AP Select 450.

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Custom Packaging Services for Your Convenience

For your convenience, we provide custom packaging services by packing products in custom bottle sizes, and volume fills to meet your specific packaging requirements. Our offering reduces the risk of contamination, ensures long-term stability, tailored labeling options, and offers precise volume fill per bottle — reducing variability from bottle to bottle. Please reach out to a Neogen representative if you’re interested in our custom packaging services.

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Services to Support Your Testing

Our unmatched various support options help make testing a breeze. From LabLive to 24/7 global support — we’ve got you covered.

Protect Your Lab from Disease

Our COMPANION™ solutions are effective and easy-to-use so that your facility can limit the spread of bacteria and disease.
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Substrates & Reagents Catalog

Our substrates and reagents catalog highlights our available solutions and provides detailed product information that’ll help you narrow down your search.
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