Expert Solutions to Support Your Healthcare Facility and Medical Research

Across the healthcare industry, we can provide you with expert solutions that help meet your operational needs. For acute care patients, long-term care residents, and team members, protecting everyone in your facility is critical. It’s vital to have effective sanitation, and our expert solutions help you and your team verify your environment’s cleanliness and safety. With over 30 years of experience providing consistent quality and value, our comprehensive range of solutions provide you with the tools you need to give your patients the best care possible. Neogen's customizable genomic solutions offer unmatched support to medical research to meet your research demands. The technology allows you to capture genetic variants from a single sample to accelerate discovery and genomic progress for all species.

Health Care & Sterilization Department Cleaning Verification

ATP testing after cleaning flexible endoscopes is critical because residual biological material that can remain after cleaning which can be passed on to patients. It’s impossible to accurately assess the instrument’s cleanliness visually — especially inside the long narrow lumens. As a result, potentially deadly bacteria and pathogens can be passed on to patients. Neogen solutions verify cleaning to help identify contaminated endoscopes.

Endoscope Solutions

Facility Cleaning Verification Solutions

Throughout healthcare, ATP testing is a proven and reliable industry standard for cleanliness verification. Neogen's facility cleaning verification solutions provide accuracy, transparency, and ease of use to enable cleaner environments. Developed based on customer and CDC recommendations, our data management software provides easy and effective reporting options to manage your testing. The Neogen healthcare team will help you implement our solutions to provide greater insights into your data and identify potential issues early.

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Clean Effectively and Help Protect People

With effective disinfectants and hand hygiene, you can help reduce the spread of illness among patients, residents, and team members. Our hand soaps and sanitizers are designed to be comfortable with repetitive use and effective against a broad spectrum of organisms that may present challenges in your facilities.

Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

Get Advanced Genomics with Our Expert Solutions

Genomics can provide highly valuable information and benefits throughout medicine and medical research. We offer high quality genomic solutions, customizable for research and capable of providing precise, timely results. Our high-throughput genotype chip processing laboratory is certified by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) standards. With comprehensive genomic data and our industry-leading expertise, we support you with critical information to continue advancing research and diagnosis.

DNA Sequencing Solutions