Food & Beverage

A Supporter and Supplier for the Food and Beverage Industries

Neogen® is the global leader in developing and marketing food safety testing solutions to the food and beverage industries. Our goal is the same as yours: to help verify your products' safety and quality while maintaining compliance. With complete portfolios containing allergen test kits, sanitation monitoring systems, quality food indicators, and more, we’re your one-stop-shop for all of your testing concerns. To best assist you, we offer various customer support options, like our virtual LabLive training sessions, Proficiency Testing programs, and 24/7 global support.

Your Partner for All Microbiology Concerns

There's plenty of microbiology, environmental, and sample testing to be done within both food and beverage manufacturing facilities. As your partner, we provide you with the industry's leading solutions and the support you need to help drive your success and meet compliance with regulatory agencies. No matter your food safety challenge, whether it be environmental, pathogens, or finished product quality — we have a value-added solution fit for you.

Microbiology Solutions

Incoming Water Could Mean Incoming Contamination

As a beverage producer, your main concern is providing a safe product for your customer. Our water microbiology solutions can help simplify your testing and support your quality. Colitag™ offers easy, rapid results for total coliform and E. coli, and is EPA-approved for drinking water. Additionally, our culture media portfolio offers a broad selection of formulations for tube and plate count procedures for standard water test methods.

Water Microbiology Solutions

Providing the Tools to Enhance Your Environmental Control

Environmental control is critical to your business's success — one missed step can lead to all sorts of painful troubles. That’s why we’ve developed reliable, accurate environmental monitoring (EM) solutions for you. From our sanitation monitoring systems, AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation and Clean-Trace®, to our rapid microbial testing systems and our advanced Neogen Analytics software to our rapid test kits for common allergens, we provide the solutions and unmatched 24/7 support to enhance your facility’s ability to test, react, and control.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Protect Your Facility with Vector Control Solutions

Protecting your facility from harmful, disease-ridden rodents and insects is critical. We offer a broad portfolio of vector control solutions to help confidently manage any rodent or insect problems. Our solutions cover a basic four-step program: prevention, identification, execution, and monitoring of the results. Should you have any questions concerning the right vector solutions for your facility, our Animal Safety team comprises knowledgeable industry experts available to assist you.

Help Protect Your Facility from Allergens

Our allergen test kits make testing within your facility simple and easy and provide qualitative or quantitative results.
Allergen Solutions

Easily Control Your Mycotoxins Risks

Verify mycotoxin-free products for your customers with our wide variety of rapid detection mycotoxin test kits.
Mycotoxin Solutions

Target Specific Organisms for Troubleshooting

Our 16S Metagenomics solution provides a complete microbiological map of your facility, enabling complete eradication of spoilage organisms.
Bacteria Sequencing Solutions

Strengthen Your Brand’s Reputation within the Food Service Industry

Our solutions aren't limited to the manufacturing of food and beverages. We also provide our value-added, reliable solutions to the foodservice industry, including food delivery companies, grocery stores, restaurants, deli counters, fast food chains, and more. As your partner, we can supply you with people-focused biosecurity solutions and critical, easy-to-use sanitation monitoring systems AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation and Clean-Trace®, allowing you to verify your cleaning practices' effectiveness and provide a healthier and safer environment for all people.