Expert Solutions for All Your Equine Needs

Caring for your horse’s wellbeing is vital for all horse owners, breeders, and trainers. Our expert solutions ensure that your horses receive the best care possible and your barn is safe and sanitary for both horses and people. We also support veterinarians’ needs, and our veterinary page offers more information for them. With over 30 years of experience providing consistent quality and value, our comprehensive range of solutions provide you with the tools you need to give your horses the best care possible.

Get the Equine Care Supplies You Need

Enhancing your animal’s health and performance is always a top priority. We have comprehensive equine care solutions to improve your horse’s health and ensure you have the supplies you need. Keep your equine companions healthy with our expert solutions like antibiotics, vaccines, and supplements partnering with you and your veterinarian. Our wide variety of equine supplies like fly control, grooming products, hoof care, and more offer everything you need to care for your horses.

Raise Healthy Horses with Healthy People

Prevent the spread of pathogens and diseases among your horses and team with our cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitation solutions specifically formulated for use in animal environments. As a global leader in animal and people-focused biosecurity, our expertise provides safe and effective sanitation for protecting the health of horses, clients, farm managers, and staff. Use our sanitation solutions to improve your cleaning procedures and ensure that your disinfection process is effective enough to remove pathogens and prevent outbreaks in your barn.

Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

Gain Insight with DNA Analysis

Understanding the genetic potential of your horses helps identify key traits and make strategic breeding decisions. Genomics can help target desirable traits and verify pedigrees for breeders, trainers, and horse owners. Our Equine GGP is the industry-leading tool for researchers, commercial DNA testing companies, and associations. We’re a global leader and partner in developing complete genomic solutions, including custom arrays and sequencing to support unique equine needs, such as in research and academia.

Effectively Test for Drugs with Our Diagnostic Testing

The animal racing and animal sports industries have extensive testing requirements, and our lab-based drug detection kits are intended to screen samples for a variety of drugs and metabolites to meet all equine testing needs. Our ELISA test kits are qualitative one-step kits designed to detect drugs and metabolites in multiple sample types. With our extensive expertise, we’ve developed a comprehensive portfolio of test kits for your drug testing needs to meet all regulations and be ready to race. 

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