Dietary Supplements

Get Expert Solutions for Quality and Safer Dietary Supplements

As the dietary supplement and nutraceutical industries continue to make their mark, it’s vital to have effective solutions to ensure safety and quality across raw materials, the production environment, and finished products. You need solutions that fit your needs and expert support and services to protect your products, facility, and brand reputation from start to finish. Our expert solutions offer accurate, cost-effective, and timely results to help you achieve regulatory compliance and bring quality products to your customers.

Verify Quality and Safety with Rapid Microbiology Testing

Microbiological testing gives you deeper insight into your production process and can help you meet safety and quality standards to protect your customers. Our rapid microbiology testing solutions are validated to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards and provide you with the necessary precision, accuracy, and repeatability to meet your testing needs and comply with all regulations. With our rapid testing systems, comprehensive culture media line, and more, our microbiology solutions help verify your products are reliable.

Microbiology Solutions

Manage Your Allergen Risks and Help Protect Your Customers

Effectively manage your allergen risks with our multi-format allergen testing solutions and easily identify any contamination issues. Our proven allergen test kits accurately detect various allergens and smoothly fit into any allergen control plan or environmental monitoring plan. You can verify that your finished products are allergen-free with quantitative and qualitative testing options. Easily target critical allergens like gluten, soy, dairy, and more to validate transparency and safety for your customers and build confidence in your products.

Allergen Solutions

Strengthen Your Sanitation and Environmental Monitoring

Maintaining effective sanitation and environmental monitoring programs is vital for your biosecurity. Keep your processing running smoothly, and be more confident in your cleaning and testing protocols with our environmental monitoring programs and ATP sanitation verification systems. Our advanced systems and comprehensive software give you greater insight into your data, help you identify potential issues early, and simplify audit preparation.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions