Get Expert Solutions for Every Stage of Dairy Production

Dairy production is a complex process. With effective solutions designed to fit your needs, support your operation's productivity and growth, we offer unmatched support and services to protect your herd, farm, and reputation from start to finish. Across our comprehensive genomics, animal care, and food safety solutions, we use our industry expertise to support the entire supply chain. We're a global leader in the dairy industry and partner with you in providing safe, high-quality dairy products to consumers across the globe.

Use Our Expert Solutions to Maximize Your Herd

Caring for your animals and planning for your herd's future is vital to your operation's success. We can help throughout your production with improving your herd, increasing milk production, and maintaining effective sanitation. Our wide-ranging solutions can support both you and your veterinarian as you raise the most efficient and healthiest cows possible. With our innovative solutions, from genomics to animal safety, our dairy industry expertise helps you reach your production goals.

Make Strategic Seedstock Decisions with Genomic Profiling

Use genomics to gain insight into your cattle's genetic merit and make strategic decisions for your herd's long-term growth. Our advanced genomic profile portfolio helps you make confident selections and breeding decisions for your herd, saving you both time and money. You can easily eliminate uncertainty in your replacement heifer selection by tracking parentage and identifying the most valuable traits. Our expertise can help you predict how young calves will perform in the milking herd for years to come.

Igenity® Profile Solutions


Get the Animal Care Supplies You Need

Enhancing your animals' health and performance is always a top priority. We have comprehensive animal care solutions to improve your herd health, like veterinary instruments, hoof care, wound care supplies, and more. We partner with you and your veterinarian to ensure your cows are as healthy and productive as possible. From husbandry and calving to syringes and needles, we have a wide range of solutions that provide all the dairy supplies you need to manage your herd and operation.

Veterinary Instrument Solutions

Raise Healthy Cows and Produce Safe Milk

Prevent the spread of pathogens and diseases with our sanitation and hygiene solutions. With hand hygiene, cleaners, and disinfectants designed for use in animal environments, you can protect both your herd and your team. Our expert dairy hygiene solutions, including teat dips and clean-in-place cleaners, help keep your cows healthy and equipment operating efficiently. Verify your environment and equipment are clean and safe with our ATP testing and sanitation monitoring systems.

Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

Stop Pests Effectively

Prevent rodents and insects from endangering your operation and herd safety with our complete line of pest control solutions.

Increase Production with Cleaner Water

Improve your water quality and increase your cows' health and efficiency with our comprehensive water treatment program.
Water Treatment Solutions

Manage Your Mycotoxin Risks

Protect your herd by ensuring your feed supply is safe from mycotoxins, get reliable results quickly using our easy-to-use tests.
Mycotoxin Solutions

Ensure Safe and Successful Dairy Processing

Processing is a critical step in the dairy supply chain, and your products must meet regulatory standards and consumer expectations. Our expert solutions can help you throughout production from raw milk to finished products, ensuring that your products are high quality and safe. We provide food safety diagnostic and data management tools that allow you to effectively manage dairy residues, pathogen control, and environmental monitoring programs while driving efficiency across your facility.

Not Just Dairy — Your Source Water Supply Needs Testing Too

With our FDA-reviewed, NCIMS-approved Colitag™ water testing solution, you can easily test dairy source water for Total Coliforms and E. coli. Best of all, the test is easy to interpret, offering presence-absence results. With the appropriate testing, you can prevent harmful environmental impacts, reduce the risk of recalls, and increase your confidence in your final product.

Explore Colitag

Protect Your Milk Supply with Residue Testing

Analyzing inbound raw materials for residues quickly and accurately is critical to keep your operation running smoothly. Our expert testing solutions help you meet evolving regulations and protect your milk supply with tests that are easy to use, accurate, and compliant with established maximum residue levels (MRLs). We offer both quantitative and qualitative results to meet your needs with a wide range of residue tests, including antibiotics, aflatoxins, alkaline phosphatase, and more.

Dairy Residue Solutions

Strengthen Your Sanitation and Environmental Monitoring

Maintaining effective sanitation and environmental monitoring programs is vital for your food safety program. Keep your processing running smoothly, and be confident in your cleaning and testing protocols with our environmental monitoring programs and ATP sanitation verification systems. Our advanced systems and comprehensive software give you greater insight into your data and helps you identify potential issues early.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Ensure Clean-label Products and Effective Spoilage Investigations

Clean-label products and spoilage investigations are critical. Our metagenomics services can help you troubleshoot and investigate root causes by understanding the bacterial microbiome in your process. By leveraging 16S metagenomics, you can understand the microorganisms potentially causing the spoilage and identify potential problem locations. The unique combination of our food safety and genomics expertise provides vital new information to help refine your food safety and quality programs.

Bacteria Sequencing Solutions

Protect Against Pathogens

Confidently test for pathogens across products, equipment, and surfaces with our comprehensive microbiology solutions to ensure your products are safe.
Pathogen Solutions

Manage Your Allergen Contamination Risks

Effectively manage your allergen risks with our multi-format allergen testing solutions and easily identify any contamination issues.
Allergen Solutions

Get Rapid Listeria Results

Test for Listeria more efficiently and get faster results with our Listeria solutions and easy onsite testing options.
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