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Your Dedicated Partner for Reducing Rodent-related Damage

As a farmer, your primary concern is preventing and reducing crop damage and potential yield loss. As your partner, Neogen® can provide the rodent control solutions required to reduce the risks of yield reductions so that your harvest is successful. With our years of crop and rangeland experience, we’re ready to assist and support you with our easy-to-use, industry-leading solutions.

Protect Your Land from Vole Damage

Protecting your land from the destruction that comes with a vole infestation is critical to your operation’s success. Our baits come in various forms, from blocks to pellets and nuggets with different actives available. Our solutions are easy-to-use, and our team of experts is available if you need any help finding the right solution for your vole problem.

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Easily Remove Pocket Gophers from Your Land

Annually, pocket gophers cause lots of damage to both residential homeowners and the agricultural industry. From underground cables to crops, damages can add up quickly once an infestation goes unattended. As your partner, we want to help protect your land and crops from future damage with our industry-leading baiting solutions containing effective actives that are sure to get the job done.

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Experienced in Preventing Damage from Prairie Dogs

One prairie dog infestation can quickly negatively impact your land and take years for the land to recover. Ensuring you have the right solutions to eliminate a prairie dog problem is peace of mind worth having. We provide a competitive portfolio of solutions to help eliminate your pest problem securely. We offer bait solutions tailored to large and small application needs, and our team of experts can help you locate the right one.

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Your Partner for Ground Squirrel Removal

Ground squirrels, although small, can cause a lot of damage to your landscape — destroying crops, trees, shrubs, and more. Our goal is to provide you with the appropriate, effective solutions to reduce the number of ground squirrels present on your land so your crops can thrive throughout your harvest. Whether your land is residential or agricultural, we have the resources to address your needs. Our extensive portfolio provides various options at your fingertips with multiple actives approved to eradicate your ground squirrel problem.

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Solutions to Effectively Eliminate Rats & Mice

Rats and mice are the most common rodent and are known to carry over 35 threatening diseases. Ensuring your crops, home, and production areas are safe from invasive rats and mice is critical to your success and requires the industry’s most effective solutions. We offer non-bait solutions, such as glue traps and snap traps, tailored to large and small application needs. Our growing portfolio includes blocks, place packs, pellets, nuggets, and more to provide the best solutions for any problem.

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