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Help Your Pets have Longer and Healthier Lives with Our Expertise

Dogs and cats are loyal companions and deserve quality care to live healthy, active lives. With effective precautions and treatments, pets can stay healthier, and you can improve their quality of life and longevity. Whether you’re a pet parent, breeder, kennel, or rescue organization, we can provide you with expert solutions that help you give your animals the best care possible to keep them safe and healthy. We also support veterinarians’ needs, and our veterinary page offers more information for them. Our expert solutions support you and your veterinarian throughout your pet’s life and ensure that at the end of the day, you know they received the best care possible.

Get the Animal Health Care Supplies You Need

Enhancing your pet’s health and wellbeing is always a top priority. We have comprehensive animal care solutions to help improve their quality of life and longevity. Keep your companions healthy with our expert solutions partnering with you and your veterinary team from supplements to wound care. We’re a life-long partner for your pet’s health and preventative care, and our wide range of proven products has earned the trust of animal caregivers worldwide.

Animal Health Solutions

Raise Healthy Animals with Healthy People

Prevent the spread of pathogens and diseases among your animals with our cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitation solutions specifically formulated for animal environments. As a global leader in animal and people-focused biosecurity, our expertise provides safe and effective sanitation. From veterinary-grade disinfectants to hand sanitizer, we offer protection for the health of both your animals and people. Use our sanitation solutions to improve your cleaning procedures and ensure you’re effectively removing pathogens to prevent outbreaks.

Try our COMPANION™ product line, a portfolio of easy-to-use disinfectant products. This suite includes soap, hand sanitizer, wipes, and more to help keep staff safer, while combating common illnesses in the companion and equine animal market.

Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

Understand Your Pet’s DNA for a Healthier Life

Analyzing each animal’s genetics helps provide better insight into their needs, customize their preventative care, and create more informed breeding decisions. Using a simple and non-invasive sample, we can analyze their DNA to gain insight into their health predispositions, physical traits, and even complex conditions like behavior and performance. It can also confirm parentage, helping to verify pedigrees for breed associations. Understanding genomics can help you and your veterinarian provide the best care possible for your animal companions throughout their lives.

Paw Print Genetics® is the largest portfolio of canine disease and traits tested, including over 350 different breed-specific tests and a variety of accepted sample types. My CatScan® is the largest genetic screen available for cats of all ages and breeds, testing for more than 120 conditions, all from a simple cheek swab. Canine HealthCheck® is a comprehensive genetic screen for more than 325 traits and conditions in more than 350 dog breeds, helpful for things like genotypes for coat colors and traits for each disease, and clear, carrier, or at-risk/affected results.

Companion Animal Genetic Traits & Conditions