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Genomic Testing in Dairy Cattle

Genomic testing is simply a DNA test that verifies the genetic merit and performance of cattle. Genomic testing from Neogen gives dairy producers a strategic advantage generation after generation. Dairy profile results determine which dairy females are best suited to breed for replacements. Lower-ranking females can be strategically bred to beef semen and those resulting calves can be tested for beef characteristics to increase marketability. Learn more below about the best testing options for your business.

Taking a sample is as easy as tagging a calf. Learn more about how to take a tissue sample unit (TSU) or other sample options.

Looking to make simple selection decisions?

Igenity® Essential provides dairy producers with a streamlined profile to efficiently select the right heifers to retain as replacements. Breeding values from 15 key traits and indexes give the right-sized package for confident cattle selection.

Igenity Merit is designed for producers looking for even greater selection efficiency. This no-frills package delivering three indexes (Net Merit, Cheese Merit, and Fluid Merit) allows for effective keep/cull decisions.

Have an advanced breeding program?

Igenity Select delivers the full suite of traits available from the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB). Traits and indexes relative to production, feed efficiency, health, and conformation give producers the power to select, mate, and breed profitable cattle.

Values from this test are updated monthly to allow producers to always execute their business strategies with the most up-to-date information.

Creating beef-on-dairy crossbred calves?

Igenity BeefXDairy is the first genomic profile designed for beef-on-dairy crossbred calves. With results from this test, dairy producers can confidently market animals to prospective buyers. Breed results give buyers the peace of mind that these are true crossbred calves and sired by a desirable beef breed. Genomic indicators for average daily gain, carcass weight, and marbling provide valuable information on how these cattle will perform.

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