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Building a Strong, More Productive Herd Starts With Igenity

Bring the power of genomic technology to your dairy with Igenity – the easy-to-use selection tool that gauges the potential of Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Gurnsey, Holstein, Jersey and crossbred calves with a short, 17-day turnaround time. By examining the most telling traits, it’s a cost-effective way to track the genetic progress of your herd to move your operation in the right direction.

The most powerful commercial dairy genomic profiles on the market, backed by the fastest turnaround time. Look to the future by selecting Igenity today. Visualize your data with Encompass.

What Can Genomics Do for Your Operation?


  • Eliminate uncertainty when it comes to replacement heifer selection.
  • Improve the rate of genetic progress by making optimum breeding decisions.
  • Know how young calves will perform in the milking herd for years to come.
  • Easily identify and reprioritize underperforming animals for maximum profitability.


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"It's very important that we invest our growing cost into the right heifers. Neogen gives us the tools to know which animals are more valuable and how to use them more appropriately."
Bob Zwald, Bomaz Farms

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