Igenity® Beef

Genetic Tools to Improve Your Bottom Line

You know your cow herd better than anyone else. All those countless hours spent planning your breeding rotation, the best bulls to use, which replacements to keep — it sure didn’t come easy.

So, let Igenity® take care of what’s underneath the hide.

Igenity + Envigor is an advanced,  accurate and economical DNA profile that reveals the genetic potential you need to build a stronger herd. Paired with the industry's first heterosis tool, Enivgor. Increased Igenity + Envigor scores can lead to greater fertility in your females and more profit at the rail. Igenity is now powered by International Genetic Solutions, the largest multi-breed genetic evaluation anywhere. Read more.

See why Esch Cattle Company chooses Igenity Beef for their cattle production.

Igenity Reports Genetic Potential

  • The first complete heifer profile designed for crossbred and straight bred cattle
  • Tool for ranking and selecting replacement heifers and scoring commercial bulls
  • New indexes allow for multi-trait selection
  • Can be personalized to fit specific production or market opportunities
  • Leverage Igenity Beef Dashboard, the online genomic results and decision-making tool

Obtain knowledge of the genetic potential for replacement heifers, commercial bulls, and/or feedlot steers. The Igenity Beef profile provides 1 – 10 scores for 17 traits and 3 indexes, allowing producers to rank cattle based on their operation goals.


Maternal Traits

  • Birth Weight
  • Calving Ease Direct
  • Calving Ease Maternal
  • Stayability
  • Heifer Pregnancy
  • Docility
  • Milk


Performance Traits

  • Residual Feed Intake
  • Average Daily Gain
  • Weaning Weight
  • Yearling Weight

Carcass Traits

  • Tenderness
  • Marbling
  • Ribeye Area
  • Fat Thickness
  • Hot Carcass Weight

Igenity Indexes: Selection Made Easy

Indexes allow for selection pressure on multiple traits at the same time, depending on a producer’s breeding objectives. Producers today are likely to believe more than a single trait is important. While Igenity Profiles provide index values centered around total production, maternal, or terminal breeding programs, the beef dashboard allows individuals to also design an index tailored to their needs.


Igenity Production Index

Cows in a line

For producers who raise replacements and market calves at harvest on a grid.

Igenity Maternal Index

Two cows outside

For producers who raise replacements and market calves at weaning.

Igenity Terminal Index

Three cows in a pen

For producers who retain ownership of progeny and harvest on a grid.

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