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Genomic Testing in Cattle

Genomic testing is simply a DNA test that verifies the genetic merit and performance of cattle. The genomic profiles developed by Neogen® allow cattle producers to make strategic decisions and effectively select cattle that fit the operational and environmental goals. Genomic testing allows a producer to easily eliminate uncertainty and reduce risk by identifying their genetic potential for the most valuable traits, from calving ease to hot carcass weight. This simple test provides tangible results to differentiate the value of cattle and improve each generation of cattle.

Taking a sample is as easy as tagging a calf. Learn more about how to take a TSU or other sample options.

Cow Calf Production

Igenity® Beef is the first genomic profile designed for crossbred commercial cattle. This tool utilizes DNA to predict genetic merit in both heifers and steers, providing an additional heifer selection tool to cattle producers. Igenity Beef results provide 17 maternal, performance, and carcass traits along with parentage.  Additional tests include Envigor and Bovine Congestive Heart Failure (BCHF). 

Igenity Beef also allows customers access to custom indexes that are designed to help cow-calf producers make confident decisions about heifers they retain and develop for their breeding herd.

Neogen is proud to support our customers with additional marketing opportunities through genomically tested cattle with Igenity Branded. Igenity Branded is a marketing endorsement that allows sellers and buyers to understand the genomic potential of a load of cattle. 

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Feedlot Management

Igenity Feeder is the genomic test that can help you to objectively and consistently manage feedlot pens to meet your end goals. Igenity Feeder uses DNA information to predict performance, quality, and economic endpoints for cattle feeders. All cattle tested can be accurately and quickly sorted based on their genetic predisposition to grow and grade on the Igenity Terminal Index (ITI). This genomic test provides results that will predict Days on Feed (DOF), allow feeders to manage with precision, and optimize your head day.

Pair the ITI with Igenity Branded to market superior cattle for a premium on sale day.

Seedstock Selection

Neogen is proud to work with purebred cattle associations, researchers, and producers alike. Our GGP product line is designed to support the advancement of purebred cattle genomics. 

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Did you know Neogen is the service lab for the following breed associations?

  • American Aberdeen Association
  • American Akaushi Association
  • American Black Hereford Association
  • American Brahman Breeders Association
  • American Chianina Association
  • American Gelbvieh Association
  • American Hereford Association
  • American International Charolais Association
  • American Maine-Anjou Association
  • American Salers Association
  • American Shorthorn Association
  • American Simmental Association
  • American Tarentaise Association
  • American Wagyu Association
  • Angus Genetics, Inc.
  • Beefmaster Breeders United
  • Braunvieh Association
  • Canadian Angus Association
  • Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association
  • Canadian Charolais Association
  • Canadian Gelbvieh Association
  • Canadian Hereford Association
  • Canadian Limousin Association
  • Canadian Maine-Anjou Association
  • Canadian Shorthorn Association
  • Canadian Simmental Association
  • Canadian Speckle Park Association
  • International Brangus Breeders Association
  • Method Genetics, LLC
  • North American Limousin Foundation
  • North American Piedmontese Association
  • North American South Devon Association
  • Piedmontese Association of the US
  • Red Angus Association of America
  • Salers Association of Canada
  • Santa Gertrudis Breeders International
  • Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
  • United Braford Breeders
  • World Black Hereford Association

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