Getting Started With Neogen® Genomics

How to Order: Genomic Products

  1. Select desired genomics product.
  2. Download template (Excel) and save to your desktop.
  3. Input sample identifiers within indicated fields.
  4. Select additional genomic testing (if applicable) for each sample inputted.
  5. Once complete, save as Excel file (xls) on your desktop, then proceed to upload template within the product page.
    If there are discrepancies that exist within the sample upload, error messages will display on the screen. All errors must be fixed within the Excel template. The order cannot be placed in cart until there is a successful upload without errors.
  6. Routes back to product page. Review other products if desired or move to check out via cart icon.

How to Sample

Depending on species, several sampling methods are at your disposal.

DNA Testing

DNA Plates

For submitting purified DNA samples, we will require a minimum of 300 ng of good quality and largely intact DNA at a minimum concentration of 20 ng/ul.  Most commercial extraction procedures should work well in our experience.  DNA can be sent in screw cap tubes or sealed 96 well PCR plates It is best to ship the DNA dried down (low temp.) or frozen on dry ice.  Overnight delivery is preferred if available.

Johnes Testing—Fecal Tubes

Collect fecal samples directly from rectum, unless samples are environmental. Place at least 1 tablespoon into clean plastic container. Submit as soon as possible. Do not freeze. If pooling is requested, five animals will be combined into one pool. Pooling will be done at the lab.

Whole Blood Collection Kits

  • Label tube with animal ID
  • Get a clean tube/needle holder and an unopened (sterile) double-sided needle
  • Twist off the dark grey protector of the short end of the needle and screw the needle into the holder hub
  • Insert the labeled tube halfway into sleeve but do not pierce the rubber stopper of the tube. Remove the pink protector to expose needle and insert into cow’s tail vein. Push the tube all the way into needle holder, piercing the stopper. The tube vacuum will draw the blood in the tube.
  • Immediately after blood collection, gently reverse the tube several times to mix.

How to Ship Samples

We recommend customers acquire a tracking number for samples sent.

Tissue Sampling Units

Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) should be shipped in a padded envelope or box to prevent breakage.

Hair and Blood Samples

  • Blood tubes need to be shipped on ice overnight in an appropriate container.
  • Blood cards need to be completely dried before shipping.
  • Hair and blood cards should be sent in a padded envelope or box if there are many being sent in to prevent them from breaking through the envelope.

Semen Samples

There are two preferred methods for sending semen samples:

  1. Send an entire semen straw.
    Tip: Placing the straw inside an empty ball point pen barrel helps to protect the straw during shipment.
  2. Send the required volume of sample (>0.1 mL) in a microcentrifuge tube.
    Tip: Wrapping the top of the tube with Parafilm or plastic wrap will help secure the cap. Typically, semen can be stored and shipped at ambient temperature, but if long shipping times or extreme temperatures are expected (>30°C or 85°F), please send a cold pack with the sample.

Note: The Neogen lab will NOT accept semen straws that have been cut or used for breeding due to the high risk of sample contamination and poor quality results.

Lab Processing and Delivery

United States: Igenity® results are returned in 21-28 business days (one–four weeks) from arrival at Neogen's lab. Genetic abnormality results may take 4 weeks.


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If you are an international customer, please refer to International Submissions.


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