The Coliform Vials are a screening vial specific for coliform or­ganisms. The vial has broad inclusiv­ity and an assay time of 14-24 hours for most applications. The vial contains a peptone yeast extract base with lac­tose as a carbon source. The selec­tive agents include bile salts, sodium lauryl sulfate and other gram-positive inhibitors. Acidification of the medium due to the lactose utilization changes the pH indicator from a purple to a yel­low color. The color change is read by optical sensors in the instrument.
Analyte Coliforms
Brand Soleris®
Incubation Time 14-24 Hours
Package Dimensions 12.00 IN x 11.20 IN x 2.80 IN
Package Weight 3.80 LB
Platform Rapid Microbiology
Quantity per Package 100 vials
Result Type Quantitative
Volume 5 mL




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