Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth (BLEB) Supplement (FDA) - 7980

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Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth (BLEB) Supplement (FDA) is used in Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth Base as a selective supplement for the selective enrichment of Listeria spp. in foods in a laboratory setting. Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth Supplement is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions in humans.  
Brand NEOGEN Culture Media
Formula (per vial)  
Acriflavin HCl 4.5 mg
Nalidixic Acid 18 mg
Cycloheximide 22.5 mg
Package Dimensions 4.70 IN x 2.30 IN x 2.00 IN
Package Weight 0.40 LB
  1. Dissolve 47 g of the medium in 1000 mL of purified water.
  2. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Autoclave at 121°C for 15 minutes.
  4. Aseptically add 11.1 mL of a 10% filter sterilized solution of sodium pyruvate.
  5. After four hours of incubation at 30 ± 2°C, aseptically add 2.5 mL Buffered Listeria Enrichment Supplement (FDA) (#7980) to 225 mL of Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth Base containing 25 grams of the sample.
Volume 5 mL




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