E. coli/Total Coliforms

Item No.  9113

  • Hy-labs microbiological tests are complete, ready-to-use prepared media paddles for the detection of microorganisms
  • Simple to use and provide easy-to-interpret results within 48 hours
  • Ready-to-use prepared media paddles can be used directly on surfaces, dipped into fluids, or transferred from an environmental swab
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Hy-labs products are agar slides specially designed to enable reliable, economic and time-saving monitoring of microbiological hygiene. Use directly on the work surface, dip into fluids or transfer from a conventional swab.
Analyte Coliforms, E. coli, Total Plate Count, Yeast & Mould
Brand Hy-Labs
Limit Of Detection
  • Contact – 1 cfu/cm2
  • Dipping – 103 cfu/cm2
Package Weight 0.99 LB
Quantity per Package 20 tests

  1. 9111 - Hy-labs Total Plate Count
  2. 9113 - Hy-labs E. coli/Total Coliforms
  3. 9114 - Hy-labs Yeast and Mold
  1. 9735 - Incubator with thermometer
  2. 9434 - Incubator rack for Hy-labs




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