Early Warning COVID-19 Wastewater Testing

Rapid, routine results which rapidly inform

Early warning gives governments, community health providers, and the private sector situational awareness of a potential threat. Given that people can spread the virus asymptomatically, early warnings provide an alert prior to large scale infection regional hot spots so that testing can be focused on those most at-risk populations.

A piloted, accurate and reliable test from NEOGEN Diagnostics to monitor the presence of COVID-19 in sludge from wastewater facilities.

  • Keep people, communities safe through early detection
  • Low-cost testing solution so you can implement routine monitoring and keep business open and employees well informed
  • Results reporting assists leaders in making targeted decisions
  • Early warning reduces time, costs and risk of supply shortages

Quick, Easy Sampling

DNA/RNA shield collection tubes with collection swabs are required for sampling and transport. To use the swab collection kit, swab the sludge sample and cut the tip into the collection device prefilled with the DNA/RNA shield reagent. Samples are stabilized, virus deactivated, and ready for transport or storage.

Learn how to sample with our Early Warning COVID-19 Testing solution

NEOGEN, a Global Leader in Diagnostic Solutions

  • World’s largest genotyping lab
  • NEOGEN offers an experienced diagnostic lab, experts and technology
  • Dedicated technical support and fast turnaround time within 24-48 hours of sample delivery to our lab
  • Easy to interpret, actionable results

Early warning reduces time, costs and risk of supply shortages. Quickly identifying regions of emerging infection through sewage testing enables teams and their communities to anticipate a surge of viral infections.

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