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NEOGEN launches Reveal® Q+ for Aflatoxin M1
Januar 12, 2021
The new test is designed for use with NEOGEN’s Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform, which controls the timing, temperature and reading of the test strips — allowing testers to simply add sample and walk away.
NEOGEN acquires food quality diagnostics company
Januar 04, 2021
Megazyme’s diagnostics, which are exclusively developed and manufactured in-house, have since attracted worldwide acclaim for their genuinely innovative methodologies and exceptional component purity.
NEOGEN reports second quarter results
Dezember 22, 2020
"We are pleased to report growth across our business during the quarter, even as we continue to fight global market disruptions caused by the resurgent COVID-19 pandemic."
NEOGEN launches quick, easy tests for meat speciation
Dezember 14, 2020
NEOGEN’s new Reveal® tests for horse, beef, sheep, and poultry provide accurate results in just 5 minutes after a simple water extraction.
NEOGEN launches K-Blue® Advanced Plus and K-Blue Select
Dezember 08, 2020
NEOGEN today announced the development of two new TMB substrates that deliver excellent performance and expands our popular K-Blue® product line to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.
NEOGEN launches new preventative care DNA test, Igenity® Canine Wellness
Dezember 08, 2020
Genetic background can influence health, physical traits and behavior in dogs. Igenity Canine Wellness addresses this by predicting a percentage of the heritable component for relatively common, actionable diseases.
NEOGEN, Transnetyx launch collaboration for mouse genotyping
November 17, 2020
Powered by NEOGEN Genomics, the miniMUGA array was developed by researchers at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
NEOGEN launches COMPANION™ Foaming Hand Soap
November 09, 2020
NEOGEN’s new COMPANION™ Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, yet has a light, fresh scent, and will not dry out skin with frequent use.
NEOGEN launches Igenity® Feeder, a new commercial DNA sorting tool
Oktober 28, 2020
With a tissue sampling unit (TSU) taken at enrollment, Igenity Feeder will work in unison with NEOGEN’s free feeder calf marketing program, Igenity Branded.