Colitag™ Sample container without sodium thiosulfate

Item No.  9856

  • For use with Colitag™ water test system, includes 100 mL fill line for water sample.
  • It does not include sodium thiosulfate
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A sterile, transparent, 120 mL water sample container with a 100 mL fill line for coliform and E. coli testing. The container does not fluoresce under 365nm UV light.
Analyte Coliforms, E. coli
Application Potable Water Applications
Brand Colitag™
Package Dimensions 12.40 IN x 18.20 IN x 8.80 IN
Package Weight 6.20 LB
Platform Dehydrated Culture Media
Quantity per Package 100 containers
Result Type Presence/Absence, Qualitative

Pack of 100 containers
Colitag Water Test System