Ideal® Prima® Vac-Pac

Item No.  120205

  • Available in hanging, hip-hugger or on-arm versions
  • Added protection and insulation for medication while working livestock
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Prima Vac-Pacs are insulated bottle holders designed to provide additional protection and insulation to bottles while working livestock. Available in hanging, hip-hugger and on-arm options. Hanging vac-pacs have a heavy velcro strap that can be used to hang the unit on cattle chutes, processing carts, etc. Hip-hugger vac-pacs use a belt that straps around the waist. On-arm vac-pacs strap to the upper arm with two comfortable velcro straps.
Brand Ideal® Instruments
Case Dimensions 16.00 IN x 13.00 IN x 10.00 IN
Case Count 12
Case Weight 2.50 LB
Package Weight 0.21 LB
Quantity per Package 1 Vac-Pac
Species Beef, Dairy, Equine, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Goat, Mixed
Size Medium