Ideal® Prima® Pour-Ons

Item No.  352910

  • Dial-a-dose system for easy dose adjustments
  • Shower head nozzle to avoid wastage from splashing
  • Angled nozzles for easy administration
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Minimum quantity required: 12
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Prima® Pour-On guns allow for adjustable dosage increments with an accurate and easy to use dial-a-dose system. The syringes have a shower head nozzle which avoids wastage from splashing. The nozzles are angled for easy administration of pour on medication; a T-bar applicator is also available. Syringes are packed with soft medical grade tubing, hose armor springs, and nozzle.
Brand Ideal® Instruments
Case Dimensions 19.00 IN x 14.00 IN x 11.00 IN
Case Count 12
Case Weight 13.00 LB
Footnotes T-bar applicator is also available.
Package Weight 1.08 LB
Quantity per Package 1 Pour-On
Species Beef, Dairy, Equine, Sheep, Goat, Mixed