Ideal® Prima Marc™ Vaccinators

Item No.  351968

  • Ability to simoutaneously inject and mark the animal
  • Ergonomic design for comfort during use
  • Available in adjustable and fixed dose syringes
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Minimum quantity required: 12
This item must be ordered in multiples of one case. Quantity per case: 12
The Prima Marc™ Vaccinator simultaneously injects and marks the animal all in one hand movement. When the dosage is administered, the squeezing of the syringe activates the spray can, which releases a mark of paint onto the animal. This encourages safe administration practices, improves quality control efforts and saves the cost of missed animals. Packaged with 100mL/20mm Fast Fit, 250mL/30mm Fast Fit, three bottle collars (20mm, 30mm, 33mm), metal luer lock nut and lube packet. Packaged in a clear bag with header card.
Brand Ideal® Instruments
Species Beef, Dairy, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Goat, Mixed
Case Count 12
Case Dimensions 16.00 in x 13.00 in x 10.00 in
Case Weight 11.00 lb
Quantity per Package 1 syringe
Package Weight 0.92