Horse Sense® Polo Wrap

Item No.  TA3510BLK

  • 280 gram napped polar fleece - machine washable
  • Velcro closure
  • Packaged in plastic reusable zippered storage bag
  • 4.75" width
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Minimum quantity required: 12
This item must be ordered in multiples of one case. Quantity per case: 12
Polo wraps are NEOGEN's solution to keeping your horse groomed and clean. Wraps are available in multiple colors and are machine washable. 280 gram napped polar fleece wraps have velcro closures and protect your horse's legs from dirt and mud. Wraps can be repackaged in the original zippered storage bag when not in use.
Brand Ideal® Instruments
Case Count 12
Case Weight 13.80 LB
Color Black
Package Dimensions 20.86 IN x 19.30 IN x 11.81 IN
Package Weight 1.15 LB
Quantity per Package 4 wraps
Species Equine