Demotec® FuturaPad®

Item No.  FP110-R

  • Fast, easy and safe
  • Activate the pad, press the block onto the claw and you're done!
  • Polymerization within 15 seconds, even during cold weather
  • Shaped to conform to the anatomy of the claw
  • The flexible pad overcomes any unevenness of the sole
  • No health, transport or storage problems
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Minimum quantity required: 1
This item must be ordered in multiples of one case. Quantity per case: 1
FuturaPad® is packaged in a complete pack; no extra components are needed. Available in two sizes: standard and XL.
Brand Ideal® Instruments
Case Weight LB
Package Weight 3.30 LB
Quantity per Package 10 blocks
Species Beef, Dairy