Demotec® Easy Bloc® Kits

Item No.  EB112-L

  • Easy to use, even by inexperienced personnel
  • Fits nearly all size cows
  • Optimum design avoids all possible pressure points
  • Mix the resin in the block itself, then press onto the claw
  • Flexible cover ensures a good fit
  • Affordable price
  • Available in Left Block Only, Right Block Only, or Both
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Easy Bloc® is a unique innovation in hoof treatment. Hoof problems can have very adverse effects on both milk yields and weight gain. The Easy Bloc system was designed to minimize lameness and provide a fast, easy to use "cure" at a reasonable cost.

Incorporating features of similar devices, and a patented off-set toe, Easy Bloc is a plastic slip-on boot which fits onto the healthy claw, taking weight off the affected claw, providing immediate relief of pain and substantial increase in milk production. Easy Bloc was designed by leading hoof-care specialists from around the world and has unique features not available with other hoof blocking systems.

Easy Bloc is available in kits of 4, 12, or 36 applications and in standard and extra-long lengths. Sets in approximately 5 minutes.

Brand Ideal® Instruments
Case Dimensions 11.50 IN x 7.50 IN x 6.50 IN
Package Weight 6.20 LB
Quantity per Package 12 blocks
Species Beef, Dairy
Size Standard