Demotec® 95 Blocking Kits

Item No.  HC214-S

  • Fast processing, easy to handle- not sticky
  • Reduces lameness and relieves hoof pain in cattle
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Demotec 95 is a special resin developed for treatment of lameness in cattle. This resin material has superior plasticity without being sticky and can be processed only a few seconds after mixing. Bonding a wooden block onto the good claw of a bovine hoof relieves pain and reduces lameness. The wooden blocks are available in two lengths and come in kits of 2 or 14 applications. Items can also be purchased separately. Demotec 95 resin can also be used by veterinarians, horse owners and farriers for repairing numerous other hoof problems and for splintering pet fractures
Brand Ideal® Instruments
Case Dimensions 11.00 IN x 11.00 IN x 9.00 IN
Package Weight 10.00 LB
Quantity per Package 1 kit
Species Beef, Dairy, Horses
Size Small