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Neogen® is a certified satellite laboratory of BioTracking, the manufacturer of the BioPRYN, an early stage pregnancy detection test. The BioPRYN test is a convenient, non-invasive alternative to palpation and ultrasound pregnancy evaluation that provides accurate and cost-efficient results from a blood sample. Using this test, early pregnancy detection is available for sheep, goat, and bison with results for pregnancy detection are generally available the day after receiving the samples (if received on Friday, results will be available the following Tuesday).

The BioPRYN test is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that evaluates a serum or plasma sample for the presence of the pregnancy-specific protein B (PSPB). PSPB is only produced by the placenta of an animal with a growing fetus. PSPB concentrations can be accurately measured in blood within 30 DPB in goat/sheep and 40 DBP in bison.

When these protocols are followed, the test is 99% accurate when calling an animal "OPEN" and 95% accurate when a "PREGNANT" call is made.

Species Goat, Ovine, Bison
Submission Information
  • 2 mL of blood either within purple, red or tiger top tubes
  • If genomics is desired on the same sample, it must be sent within a purple top tube for additional testing.

Acceptable sample type:
2 mL (cc) of blood is requested for testing.

Please see blood collection assembly and use for assistance with tail bleeding cattle.

Samples must meet days post bred (DPB) requirements below:

Heifers–25 DPB
Cows–28 DPB and 73 days post-calving
Embryo Transfer–Embryo age 28 days (21 days after transfer of a 7-day old embryo)

30 DPB

40 DPB

Requirements for Shipping:
PSPB is very stable in blood and samples can be shipped at ambient temperatures. Transit times should not exceed 3 days. Avoid freezing the samples.

Turnaround Time Next Business Day


To access the Certificate of Analysis (COA), please use our COA Search.


Our customers’ success is our shared success. Our customer service teams are ready to assist you and your team on our solutions, so you can rest easy knowing sampling procedures are performed properly and yield accurate results.


What does the result high or low "recheck" mean?
The result of "recheck" indicates that the test response of an individual animal was at a level where a definitive call could not be made. In addition to being an indicator of early embryonic death, this can be the case for several other reasons, depending on how many days the animal is bred. If the animal is less than 40 DPB, it is recommended to wait 7-10 days, then resample the animal and retest. If the animal is greater than 40 DBP, it is recommended to wait until the animal is at least 70 DPB then resample the animal and retest.

Am I able to tell how far bred the animal is by the test response?
No. The test response can vary greatly from animal to animal. The strength of the response is not correlated with months of gestation. In fact, there is also research that shows that PSPB levels can actually decrease from 40-70 DPB before increasing again.

How accurate is the pregnancy detection test?
The test is 99% accurate when making an "OPEN" call. When a "PREGNANT" call is made the test is 95% accurate with a 5% false-pregnant rate. In practice, high-producing animals may tend to show slightly higher false-positive rates, especially during periods of extremely hot weather. It is presumed that a portion of this variance is due to higher early embryonic death, and not to test inaccuracy.

How does the test detect pregnancies?
The test evaluates the serum/plasma of ruminants for a protein called Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB). PSPB is produced by the placenta of a living fetus, and research has proven the protein is accurately detectable in the blood of pregnant animals.

What blood tubes do I use for testing?
Whole blood tubes (purple top tubes) or serum tubes (red or tiger top tubes) should be used for testing. Please note that if you would like to do genomic testing on the same sample you are having pregnancy checked, you need to use the purple top whole blood tube.

Does Neogen sell collection tubes and needles?
Yes! Neogen sells collection tubes and needles in sets of 50 for $30 or 100 for $40. Larger sets can be purchased by request. Please contact Neogen customer service to place an order.

When can I expect results?
Generally, the turnaround time is the next business day. For samples received Monday through Thursday, results will be available the day following sample arrival in the lab. For samples received on Friday, results will be available on Tuesday of the following week.

What are the advantages of using BioPRYN pregnancy detection test?


  • Greater than 99% accurate when an animal is categorized as open.
  • The ELISA test format, combined with specific ELISA testing equipment and highly trained and certified BioPRYN technicians, means BioPRYN provides reliable and consistent results, allowing producers to manage reproduction efficiency in their animals with great confidence.


  • BioPRYN testing integrates well with current and traditional reproductive technologies and methods.
  • Internal research has shown that, due to the stability of PSPB in blood, samples can be tested 1-2 weeks after being collected and still provide accurate test results. Because of this, producers can collect and ship blood when it is convenient for them.
  • Results are available in HTML or Excel format, allowing data to be digitally archived, easily manipulated for analysis, and uploaded into many management software programs.


  • Early identification of animals allows for savings when making management decisions based on reproductive status.
  • Low-cost testing delivers great value.