UltraSal-2 Oral Fluid Collection Device

50 pack

Item No.  US2-50

  • Neat saliva collection
  • Graduated volume indicator
  • Split-sample collection
  • Ideal for research applications
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UltraSal-2 is an ideal oral fluid collection device for testing abused drugs, hormones, pharmaceuticals, pathogens, genetic markers, and various research applications. UltraSal-2 collects neat (undiluted), split-samples. Use one aliquot for initial screening, and reserve the second aliquot for confirmation or future testing.
Application Oral Fluid
Brand UltraSal
Intended Use Intended for the collection of oral fluid.

  1. UltraSal-2 saliva collection mouthpiece and base
  2. Two graduated sample collection tubes
  3. Two tube caps
  1. Rack or holder for tubes and/or assembled devices
  2. Labels or other means for sample identification
  3. Container for the proper disposal of used materials
  4. Disposable exam gloves

Additional Information

  • Collection tubes: 17 mm X 100 mm
  • Caps: 17 mm


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