Agri-Screen® Tickets - 25 Kit

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Agri-Screen® Ticket is used to detect all major organophosphates, thiophosphates, and carbamates in air, water, soil, produce, food, spills, surfaces and custom applications. Among the common pesticides that Ticket detects are: Malathion, Sevin, Furadan, Systox, Vapona, Phosdrin, Metasystox, Guthion, Actellic, Dursban, and diazinon. For a complete list, contact your NEOGEN® Representitive. Samples can be tested wet, dry, or with solvents.
Analyte Pesticides
Brand Agri-Screen®
Package Dimensions 10.00 IN x 8.00 IN x 3.25 IN
Package Weight 0.80 LB
Quantity per Package 25 tickets

  • Pesticide detector Tickets
  • Activator ampoules*
  • 50 mL graduated beaker
  • Glass rod for breaking the activator ampoules and stirring the sample
  • * Part #8920A and 8921A do not include activator ampoules.

    1. Water
    2. Filter paper
    3. Wide mouth jars
    4. Leaf punch