Agri-Screen® Ticket - 10 Kit

Without Ampoules

Item No.  8920A

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Agri-Screen® Ticket is used to detect all major organophosphates, thiophosphates, and carbamates in air, water, soil, produce, food, spills, surfaces and custom applications. Among the common pesticides that Ticket detects are: Malathion, Sevin, Furadan, Systox, Vapona, Phosdrin, Metasystox, Guthion, Actellic, Dursban, and diazinon. For a complete list, contact your Neogen® Representitive. Samples can be tested wet, dry, or with solvents.
Brand Agri-Screen®
Analyte Pesticides
Result Type Semi-Quantitative
Testing Time 4.00
Quantity per Package 10 tickets
Package Dimensions 5.20 in x 3.40 in x 3.75 in
Package Weight 0.40 lb
  • Pesticide detector Tickets
  • Activator ampoules*
  • 50 mL graduated beaker
  • Glass rod for breaking the activator ampoules and stirring the sample
  • * Part #8920A and 8921A do not include activator ampoules.

    1. Water
    2. Filter paper
    3. Wide mouth jars
    4. Leaf punch


    One side of Ticket has a disc saturated with cholinesterase, an enyzme in most living organisms, except plants, which controls muscle performance. Pesticides can inhibit an organism’s ability to produce cholinesterase, and therefore, kill the organism. If enough pesticide is present in the sample, it will inactivate the cholinesterase and turn the disc white. A blue color indicates a negative result for the presence of pesticides.


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