Veratox® for Histamine Tuna Pack

Item No.  9506

  • Simple water extraction
  • AOAC-PTM approved method
  • Equivalent recovery to traditional fluorometric methods
  • Quantitative test -1-19 samples at a time
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Veratox® for Histamine Tuna Pack is intended for the quantitative analysis of histamine in scombroid species of fish, such as tuna, bluefish and mahi-mahi, and in fish meal. The Veratox Histamine Tuna Pack is a bulk version of the 9505 Veratox for Histamine.
Brand Veratox®
Analyte Histamine
Platform ELISA
Result Type Quantitative
Approvals AOAC-RI 070703
Limit of Detection 2 ppm
Testing Time 20.00
Cross Reactivity Specific for histamine. No cross-reactivity with other biogenic amines.
Prop 65 Warning
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including thimerosal, which is known in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
Quantity per Package 456 tests
Package Dimensions 13.60 in x 7.80 in x 4.50 in
Package Weight 3.20 lb
  1. 48 12-well antibody-coated microwell strips
  2. 48 12-well red-marked mixing well strips
  3. 24 yellow-labeled bottles (4 bottles each of 0, 2.5, 5, 10, 20 and 50 ppm histamine controls)
  4. 4 blue-labeled bottles of histamine-HRP conjugate solution
  5. 8 foil pouches of sample extract diluent buffer concentrate of 10 mM PBS dry powder
  6. 4 foil pouches of wash buffer concentrate of 10 mM PBS-Tween
  7. 4 green-labeled bottles of K-Blue® Substrate solution
  8. 4 red-labeled bottles of Red Stop solution
  1. Veratox for Histamine Extraction Kit (Neogen® item 9510)—Contains 38 bottles, 38 filter syringes and 38 tubes
  2. Disposable bottles with 125 mL capacity (Neogen item 9398)
  3. Filter syringes for histamine (Neogen item 9420H), Whatman #1 filter paper (Neogen item 9430), centrifuge or equivalent
  4. Sample collection tubes (Neogen item 9421, 9421B)
  5. 100 mL graduated cylinder
  6. Blender
  7. Test tube rack (Neogen item 9440)
  8. Tubes, 15 mL, graduated (Neogen item 9474)
  9. Scale capable of weighing 10–50 grams (Neogen item 9427)
  10. Microwell strip reader with a 650 nm filter (Neogen item 9303)
  11. Pipettor, 12-channel (Neogen item 9273)
  12. Pipettor, 100 µL (Neogen item 9272)
  13. Tips for 12-channel and 100 µL pipettors (Neogen item 9410, 9407, 9417)
  14. Paper towels or equivalent absorbent material
  15. Microwell holder (Neogen item 9402)
  16. Timer (Neogen item 9426)
  17. Waterproof marker
  18. Wash bottle (Neogen item 9400)
  19. 1 L bottle with lid (Neogen item 9472)
  20. 2 reagent boats for 12-channel pipettor (Neogen item 9435)
  21. Distilled or deionized water


Assay Principle

Veratox for Histamine is a competitive direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (CD-ELISA) that allows the user to obtain exact concentrations of histamine in parts per million (ppm). Free histamine in the samples and controls is allowed to compete with enzyme-labeled histamine (conjugate) for the antibody binding sites. After a wash step, substrate is added, which reacts with the bound conjugate to produce blue color. More blue color means less histamine. The test is read in a microwell reader to yield optical densities. The optical densities of the controls form the standard curve, and the sample optical densities are plotted against the curve to calculate the exact concentration of histamine.


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