Training - AccuPoint®

Training - AccuPoint

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Course Objectives

To provide hands-on training on the appropriate use and application of the AccuPoint ATP sanitation monitoring system.

Course Design

  • Intro to Neogen
  • Intro to ATP
  • Why do we use ATP?
  • The science behind how the system works
  • Relationship with plate counts
  • Components of the system
  • Proper sampling techniques
  • The AccuPoint luminometer: operation and settings
  • The Data Manager software
  • Overview
  • Setting up your test plan
  • Using sample plans
  • Analyzing your results
  • Downloading data
  • RFID where applicable

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to successfully and independently operate the AccuPoint ATP sanitation monitoring system.

Brand AccuPoint®
Platform Training
Course Duration 2 hours

Additional Information

Prerequisites / Proficiency Level

General understanding of sanitation practices within facility. Installation of AccuPoint Data Manager software.

Note: some assistance from your IT department may be necessary for software installation. Please review the requirements and arrange for installation with this department prior to training.

Supporting Material

  • PowerPoint training material
  • AccuPoint instrument and samplers