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  • Non-corrosive formulation
  • Effective in hard or soft water
  • Single usage dilution provides effective disinfection
  • Ready-to-use product has a nearly neutral pH
  • 1 gallon of concentrate = 256 gallons of RTU product
  • Fresh pine scent
  • Versatile formulation can be applied as a pressurized foam or through manual cleaning
  • Non-staining formulation
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Synergize is a hospital grade, multi-purpose disinfectant-cleaner with a Quaternary ammonium/ glutaraldehyde combination active chemistry. With a single in-use dilution for all label claims and a non-corrosive formulation, Synergize is a user-friendly biosecurity product.

COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2. Synergize kills similar viruses and therefore can be used against SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Feline Calicivirus on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Refer to the CDC website at: for additional information.

Active IngredientQuaternary Ammonium/Glutaraldehyde
ActivityKills both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
ApplicationMechanical Sprayer, Fogging, Soaking, Boot Baths, Vehicle Disinfection
Intended UsePoultry and turkey farms, hatcheries, swine operations, veal barns, equine facilities, veterinary clinics, animal care facilities, ratite facilities, calf pens, vehicles, etc.
SpeciesBeef, Dairy, Equine, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Goat, Mixed
Pallet Quantity660
Case Weight12.00
Quantity per Package1
Package Weight2.00 lb