Orange Quat Destroyer

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Orange quat destroyer is a dual chain quaternary ammonium disinfectant/sanitizer registered for use in hatcheries, poultry facilities, swine facilities, livestock premises, companion animal facilities, and kennels. Additionally, this product can be used to sanitize vehicles, equine facilities, and dairy facilities.
Active Ingredient Quaternary Ammonium Compound
Activity Bactericide, virucide, fungicide, deodorizer
Application Foaming, Immersion, Fogging, Spraying
Case Dimensions 13.00 IN x 13.00 IN x 13.00 IN
Case Count 4
Intended Use Poultry facilities, hatcheries, swine quarters, equine quarters, and veterinary clinics, kennels, dairy operations, vehicles, and foot baths
Package Weight 9.00 LB
Quantity per Package 1 jug