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  • Eliminates clostridium perfringens which has been
  • shown to cause gangrenous dermatitis
  • Ammonia control and dust inhibitor
  • User friendly: GRAS active ingredients
  • Performs well in high levels of organic soil and hard water
  • Provides an acidic pH alternative to add into cleaning rotation
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Dyne-O-Might® is a cleaner-disinfectant and ammonia neutralizer made up of a unique patented blend of acids and iodine. The oxidizing and pH reducing effect of the acids help to permeate and break down cells walls. This provides a proven germicidal ability against pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella in the presence of 50% organic material. Additionally, Dyne-O-Might is used for ammonia control in poultry facilities. Formulated with feed-grade ingredients, it is safe for use in all areas of the animal agriculture facility including: nurseries, farrowing, breeding and gestation rooms, poultry litter, drinking water and foot baths.
Active Ingredient Iodine
Brand Dyne-O-Might®
Application Mechanical Coarse Sprayer, Boot Baths
Intended Use Poultry farms, cattle barns, ratite facilities, swine facilities, dairy facilities, foot baths, zoos
Species Swine, Poultry, Mixed
Pallet Quantity 192
Approvals EPA
Case Count 4
Case Dimensions 13.00 in x 13.00 in x 13.00 in
Case Weight 42.20 lb
Quantity per Package 1 jug
Package Weight 10.55


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