BioSentry® BioPhene™ II Disinfectant

Item No.  480019/1

  • Compatible with other NEOGEN products
  • Effective against livestock-specific pathogens at a 1:256 dilution
  • Safe to use on most hard surfaces
  • Phenolic Active
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BioSentry® BioPhene™ II Disinfectant is a high activity 0.5 oz per gallon (4 mL/L) phenolic disinfectant for use in poultry hatcheries, poultry, swine, livestock and farm premises, veterinary clinics and animal care facilities. Effective in 5% blood serum and 400 ppm hard water (as CaCO3). It is also used for sanitizing hatching eggs. It cleans and disinfects, but contains no soap to streak or dull surfaces. It is anionic and incompatible with BioSentry 904 Disinfectant, BioSentry BioQuat™ 20 Disinfectant and other products containing quaternary ammonium compounds.
Active Ingredient Phenol, IPA
Activity Kills Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Application Spray on Hard Surfaces, Footbaths
Approvals EPA
Brand BioSentry®
Case Dimensions 13.00 IN x 13.00 IN x 13.00 IN
Case Count 4
Case Weight 40.68 LB
Intended Use Alkaline, foaming disinfectant for hatcheries and farm premises.
Package Weight 10.17 LB
Pallet Quantity 192
Quantity per Package 1 jug
Species Beef, Dairy, Equine, Swine, Poultry, Dog, Cat, Sheep, Goat, Mixed