Ramik® Ground Squirrel Bait

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  • Specifically labeled and formulated to control Ground Squirrels
  • Contains the first generation active ingredient Diphacinone approved for unrestricted use
  • No wax pellet formulation provides high palatability while still providing a weather-resistant rodenticide
  • Outperformed competition in head to head trials in acceptance of bait which equals greater palatability for Ramik Ground Squirrel Bait
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Ramik® Ground Squirrel Bait utilizes the proven and effective Ramik green pellet bait form to control California Ground Squirrels.

The Ramik Green bait system uses food processing technology to produce an unusually palatable and highly-attractive bait that retains its freshness, sweetness and effectiveness in a long-lasting pellet form. Pellets are hot-extruded so they are weather-resistant without the use of wax.

Ramik Ground Squirrel Bait does not require an operators license to apply.

Active Ingredient Diphacinone
Activity Anticoagulant
Brand Ramik®
Application Residential
Target Pests California Ground Squirrels
Species Beef, Dairy, Equine, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Goat, Mixed
Approvals EPA Registered
Storage Conditions Store in original container in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children and pets. Keep containers closed and away from other chemicals.
Case Count 4