Prozap® Zinc Phosphide Tracking Powder

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  • This product is a Restricted Use Pesticide for retail sale to and use only by certified applicators or persons under their direct supervision and only for those uses covered by the certified applicator’s certification.
  • Powerful tracking powder using the acute active of 10% Zinc Phosphide
  • Just teaspoon amounts will control mice
  • Rodents ingest toxicant while grooming making tracking powder an excellent tool when a tolerance to anticoagulants exists
  • Tracking powder works especially well when rodents have extensive food supplies or will not accept other baits
  • Dead rodents could appear within hours
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Tracking Powder Baits are designed to be picked up on the foot pads, fur, and or tails of rodents during their travels and ingested during the rodent's daily grooming activities. Prozap® Tracking Powder is a formulation of 10% Zinc Phosphide and corn starch which is an excellent carrier that adheres to the rodent effectively. Acute toxicants like Zinc Phosphide, require only one grooming to kill and quickly reduce rodent populations when a tolerance to anticoagulants exists.
Active IngredientZinc Phosphide
Target PestsHouse Mice
SpeciesBeef, Dairy, Equine, Swine, Poultry, Sheep, Goat, Mixed
ApprovalsEPA Registered
Storage ConditionsStore in original container in a cool, dryplace inaccessible to children and pets. Keep containers closed and away from other chemicals.
Quantity per Package1

Additional Information

  • Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers on other persons, either directly or through drift.
  • Only protected handlers may be in the area during application.
  • Keep all other persons out of the treated area during application.
  • Do not apply by any method, to any pest, or to any site not specified on the label. This product may only be used for the control of house mice inside homes, industrial and agricultural buildings, and similar man-made structures. The only exception is that the product may also be dusted from the outside of the building into structural voids.
  • Apply only in locations inaccessible to children, pets, or domestic animals.
  • Do not place tracking powder near or inside ventilation duct openings.
  • If using this product in agricultural buildings where livestock feeds are stored, or in commercial food service, food manufacturing, or food processing establishments, limit treatments to concealed, inaccessible places such as spaces between floors and walls. Do not apply tracking powder along walls, in corners, or in open floor areas of rooms in which food or feed is handled or stored. Do not apply Prozap® Zinc Phosphide Tracking Powder in areas where there is a possibility of contaminating water, food, feedstuffs, food or feed handling equipment, or milk or meat handling equipment or surfaces that come in direct contact with food.