Judgement™ Soft Bait

22 lb pail

Item No.  373424

  • Kills rats, house mice, and meadow voles
  • Palatable, lard-based formulation
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used in any bait station
  • Easy to secure, puncture through the center of the sachet
  • Contains wheat flour, chopped/milled wheat
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Judgement™ Soft Bait is a palatable, lard-based bait produced using ingredients including wheat flour, chopped grain, soft lard, and synthetic peanut butter flavoring. Judgement utilizes the active ingredient difenacoum, a second-generation anticoagulant that helps control house mice, rats, and meadow voles in and around homes and buildings.
Active Ingredient Difenacoum
Activity Anticoagulant
Brand Judgement™
Application Livestock Producers, Livestock and Poultry Production, Non-crop Areas
Target Pests Rats, Mice, and Meadow Voles
Species Beef, Dairy, Equine, Poultry, Sheep, Goat, Mixed
Pallet Quantity 48
Approvals EPA Registered
Storage Conditions Store in original container in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children and pets. Keep containers closed and away from other chemicals.
Case Count 1
Package Weight 24.00 lb