Enhanced K-Blue® TMB Substrate

Item No.  308175

  • High activity
  • Longest shelf-life of Neogen TMB substrates
  • Low background
  • Minimum shelf life of 48 months at 2–8°C
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Enhanced K-Blue® is a one bottle stabilized chromogenic substrate for use with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) immunoassays. It contains both 3,3’,5,5’ tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Enhanced K-Blue develops a deep blue color in the presence of peroxidase labelled conjugate. Enhanced K-Blue has been optimized for use with microwell applications, especially ELISA. This substrate is not applicable for use with assays requiring a precipitating substrate.

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Brand K-Blue®
Application Microwell
Intended Use Research and manufacturing use only
Result Type Colorimetric
Enzyme HRP
Sensitivity High Activity
Storage Conditions Stable for a minimum of 48 months when stored at 2-8°C.
Wavelength 650 nm or 450 nm with acid stop
Package Weight 0.50 lb


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Enhanced K-Blue® TMB Substrate - English - US 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_da-DK.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_en-AU.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_en-CA.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_en-NZ.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_en-PH.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_es-005.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_es-419.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_es-US.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_fi-FI.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_fr-CA.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_hu-HU.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_id-ID.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_it-IT.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_ja-JA.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_ko.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_ms-MY.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_nl-NL.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_no-NO.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_pl-PL.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_pt-BR.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_sv-SE.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_th-TH.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_vi-VN.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_zh-Hans-CN.pdf 308171_308175_308176_308177_308181_21007_SDS_zh-Hant-TW.pdf Enhanced K-Blue® TMB Substrate - Deutsch Enhanced K-Blue® TMB Substrate - English - Great Britain Enhanced K-Blue® TMB Substrate - Französisch


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