Canine SNP Parentage

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The parentage DNA testing and analysis enables breeders to confirm which sire fathered a pup and can be especially useful in cases of dual-sired litters. Kennel clubs and breed registries can also use testing to help maintain accurate pedigree records.

This DNA test identifies SNPs instead of traditional testing for short tandem repeats (STRs) and is a more powerful tool for differentiating between closely related sires.

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Neogen®’s Canine SNP Parentage test determines the genotype result for SNPs within a dog’s DNA, which creates a unique profile or “fingerprint” for the animal. This data is reported as a certificate for each individual tested with a summary of the genotype results.

The unique profiles generated by Canine SNP Parentage DNA testing can be compared to verify pedigree relationships between sire and offspring or trio of sire, dam, and offspring. This data comparison is provided as part of a parentage report created based on the customer’s request of which sires and dam to compare for each offspring. In addition, the report states whether the pedigree relationship is “qualified” or “excluded” as a possible relationship based on those animal’s DNA profiles.

Additional Testing

Additional testing is available to add in the next step when uploading your submission form.
Species Canine
Data Results

Each animal tested receives a certificate of DNA test with SNP genotypes listed.

Profiles can be compared between sire, dam, and offspring to create a parentage certificate which “qualifies” or “excludes” possible relationships.

Submission Information

Recommended sample type is bristle or cotton tip swabs used to collect cheek cells. Blood samples in EDTA (purple-top) tubes are also accepted.

Atypical sample types (semen, tissue) may be accepted for an additional fee. Contact us for details.

Turnaround Time Approximately 3-4 weeks
Research References Qiu, J., Simpson, B., Kock L., Donner, J., Cole, C., Davison, S., Dunn, M., Bannasch, D. & Boyko, A. 2016. Evaluation of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers for canine parentage analysis. Journal of Animal Science. 94, 4:1, 106 – 107.

Additional Information

Samples may be submitted independently by an animal’s owner to Neogen, but typically breeders submit samples through their kennel club as a requirement for registration or regulatory purposes. Please note that data belongs to the organization, club, or individual that submits the sample to Neogen. Canine genetic profiles are not part of a public database for parent discovery. Additionally, this test does not determine breed.

Animals with DNA profiles created using STR technology cannot be compared to a SNP profile. Each animal used for parentage comparison must have had a SNP profile completed.


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One of my sires was previously tested using STR markers (ISAG or AKC). Can I use that profile to compare to a pup tested on the Canine SNP Parentage panel?

No, profiles of SNP and STR markers can’t be compared to each other. If possible, the best solution is to submit a new sample on the sire for SNP testing. If this option isn’t available, it’d be best to test the pup on both STRs (to compare to the sire) as well as SNPs so their profile can be used for future parentage comparison.

I know who the dam is because I saw her whelping. Why would I submit a DNA sample on her for comparison?

Pups inherit DNA from both their mother and father. DNA testing is done by determining if the genotype or DNA marker is a feasible outcome based on the DNA of the sire and dam. Including the dam’s DNA profile in the comparison helps with this analysis, especially in cases where potential sires are closely related. The comparison of the combination of sire, dam, and offspring is known as a trio comparison.

I previously submitted a sample through my kennel club to Neogen. Can I use that on-file DNA to compare to my pups by submitting samples directly to Neogen?

No, any remaining sample DNA and data belongs to the entity that submitted the sample to Neogen. If you previously submitted samples through a kennel club, the sample material and data belong to that kennel club. Likewise, data submitted on samples sent directly to Neogen will be kept private unless we get your written permission to share results with another party.

How old do dogs need to be to get a DNA test?

Dogs can receive DNA tests at any age. It’s best to prevent pups from nursing 20–30 minutes before sampling using a cheek swab to prevent sample contamination and possible testing failure.