Reveal® Q+ MAX for Ergot Alkaloids

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  • Water based common extraction
  • First lateral flow on the market
  • Precise and reproducible results in minutes
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Reveal® Q MAX for Ergot Alkaloids is intended for the quantitative analysis of rye and wheat for ergot alkaloids. The test detects the six main ergot alkaloids identified of major importance to human and animal health by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA): ergometrine, ergotamine, ergosine, ergocristine, ergocryptine and ergocornine (along with the corresponding –inine epimers). Testing can be completed in eight minutes after extraction and can detect a wide range (50–5000 ppb) of ergot alkaloids. The test’s aqueous extraction eliminates the need for hazardous materials and its innovative technology yields precise and reproducible results. The test utilizes the MAX common extraction, which allows testers to use a single extraction and test using any of Neogen's Reveal Q MAX tests for the main mycotoxins. The test kit is designed for use by quality control personnel and others familiar with commodities possibly contaminated with ergot alkaloids.
Brand Reveal®
Analyte Ergot Alkaloid
Platform Lateral Flow
Result Type Quantitative
Limit of Detection 50 ppb
Testing Time 8.00
Quantity per Package 25 tests
  1. 25 Reveal Q+ MAX for Ergot Alkaloids test strips
  2. 50 red conical sample dilution cups
  3. 25 clear sample cups
  4. 2 bottles of sample diluent
  5. 25 MAX 1 Aqueous Extraction packets
  6. Kit instructions for use
  1. Extraction Materials
    1. Sample collection cups with lids 125 mL (Neogen item 9428, 9428B)
    2. Sample collection tubes with caps (Neogen item 9421, 9421B)
    3. Centrifuge, mini (Neogen item 9330)
    4. Microcentrifuge tubes (Neogen item 9172)
    5. Dispensing pump or graduated cylinder (Neogen item 9448, 9447)
  2. Agri-Grind grinder or equivalent (Neogen item 9401, 9453)
  3. Scale capable of weighing 5–50 grams ± 0.1 g (Neogen item 9427)
  4. Timer (Neogen item 9426,9452)
  5. Reveal sample cup rack (Neogen item 9475)
  6. Pipettor, 100 µL (Neogen item 9860, 9290)
  7. Pipette tips 1–200 μL (Neogen item 9407, 9410, 9417)
  8. Pipettor, 400 μL (Neogen item 9693)
  9. Pipette tips, 100–1000 μL (Neogen item 9464, 9487)
  10. Pipettor, 500 μL (Neogen item 9336)
  11. Pipette tips, 100–1000 μL (Neogen item 9464, 9487)
  12. MAX 1 Aqueous Extraction packets (Neogen item 8036)
  13. Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform (Neogen item 9680)
  14. Raptor cartridges (Neogen item 9681)


Reveal Q+ MAX for Ergot Alkaloids is a single-step lateral flow immunochromatographic assay based on a competitive immunoassay format. The extract is wicked through a reagent zone, which contains antibodies specific for ergot alkaloids conjugated to colloidal gold particles. If ergot alkaloids are present, they will be captured by the particle-antibody complex. The ergot alkaloid -antibody-particle complex is then wicked onto a membrane, which contains a zone of ergot alkaloids conjugated to a protein carrier. This zone captures any uncomplexed ergot alkaloid antibody, allowing the particles to concentrate and form a visible line. As the level of ergot alkaloids in a sample increases, free ergot alkaloids will complex with the antibody-gold particles. This allows less antibody-gold to be captured in the test zone. Therefore, as the concentration of ergot alkaloids in the sample increases, the test line density decreases. Algorithms programmed into Neogen’s Raptor® platform convert these line densities into a quantitative result displayed in parts per billion (ppb). The membrane also contains a control zone where an immune complex present in the reagent zone is captured by an antibody, forming a visible line. The control line will always form, regardless of the presence of ergot alkaloids, ensuring the strip is functioning properly.


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