NeoColumn™ for Aflatoxin

Item No.  8043

  • High performance immunoaffinity column
  • Narrow and wide bore formats
  • Unique leak-proof stopper with "wings" for easy removal
  • State of the art beaded gel bed for maximum consistency of performance
  • Exceeds regulations and performance criteria
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NeoColumn™ for Aflatoxin is a high performance immunoaffinity column designed for clean-up and concentration of sample prior to running on an HPLC system or Veratox®. Neocolumn is suitable for use in the determination of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in a wide range of commodities such as corn, peanuts, tree nuts, figs and spices.
Brand NeoColumn™
Analyte Aflatoxin
Platform Immunoaffinity
Result Type Quantitative
Limit of Detection 0.1 ppb
Testing Time 25.00
Quantity per Package 50 columns
Package Dimensions 5.40 in x 10.50 in x 3.90 in
Package Weight 1.00 lb
NeoColumn for Aflatoxin NB (Neogen® item 8040)
  1. Scale, electronic (digital) (Neogen item 9427)
  2. Glassware/plasticware
  3. Laboratory blender (Neogen item 9493)
  4. Centrifuge or filter paper/ filter syringe (Neogen item 9429, 9420)
  5. Extraction solvents (HPLC grade)
  6. Distilled water (HPLC grade)
  7. Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) (Neogen item 8425)
  8. Clamp stand (Neogen item 9358)
  9. Column rack (Neogen item 9359)
  10. Glass or resin – treated (Sigmacote or equivalent) plastic syringe barrel (10 mL and pump unit (Neogen item 9365)
  11. pH strips (Neogen item 9478)
  12. Aflatoxin standards (see page 5)
  13. Kobra cell or other post-column derivitization
  14. Methanol (HPLC grade needed for elution. ACS grade may be used for extraction only.)
  15. Whatman no. 4 filters (Neogen item 9429)
  16. Whatman GF/A filters
  17. Acentonitrile (For HPLC testing only)
  18. Sodium bicarbonate (For HPLC testing only)
  19. Nitric acid (For HPLC testing only)
  20. Iodine crystals
  21. Potassium bromide (KBr)


Aflatoxin is extracted from a ground sample by blending and filtering. Extracted toxin in the filtrate is sampled and diluted with water. The diluted extract is filtered and applied to the column. positive pressure is used to induce flow through the column allowing the antibody to capture any aflatoxin present. Then, the column is washed to remove any non-bound materials. Bound aflatoxin is eluted using 100% methanol and collected in a test tube. Purified water is added and injected onto HPLC.



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