NeoColumn™ for Aflatoxin (Direct Read)

Item No.  8047

  • Room temperature or refrigerated storage
  • Leak proof sure grip winged stopper
  • AOAC- RI 081002 Approved
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NeoColumn™ for Aflatoxin DR is a immunoaffinity column designed for cleanup and concentration of sample prior to running on an HPLC system or direct read fluorescence for aflatoxin in commodities such as corn, corn by-products, peanuts and tree nuts.
Brand NeoColumn™
Analyte Aflatoxin
Platform Immunoaffinity
Result Type Quantitative
Quantity per Package 50 columns
Package Dimensions 10.60 in x 5.50 in x 4.20 in
Package Weight 0.70 lb
NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR (Neogen® item 8047)
  1. Laboratory scale (Neogen item 9427)
  2. Amber glass bottle, 50 mL (Neogen item 9496)
  3. Amber glass bottle, 500 mL (Neogen item 9497)
  4. Dispenser, 0–3 mL, for 50 mL glass bottle (Neogen item 9355)
  5. Dispenser, 0–3 mL, for 500 mL glass bottle (Neogen item 9356)
  6. Vortex (Neogen item 9494)
  7. Glassware/plasticware
  8. Laboratory blender (Neogen item 9493)
  9. Blender jar, stainless steel, 1 L (Neogen item 9495)
  10. Fluted filter paper, 24 cm (Neogen item 9351)
  11. Microfiber filters, 12.5 µm, 11 cm (Neogen item 9352)
  12. Filter funnels (Neogen item 9353, 9354)
  13. Methanol (HPLC or ACS grade)
  14. Disposable cuvettes (Neogen item 9361)
  15. Cuvette rack (Neogen item 9440)
  16. Plastic cups with lids (100) (Neogen item 9428)
  17. Distilled water or deionized (DI) water
  18. 5 mL pipettor and tips
  19. Glass syringe barrel (10 mL) (Neogen item 9365)
  20. Pump stand (Neogen item 9358, 9359)
  21. Laboratory-grade salt (NaCl) (Neogen item 7725G)
  22. 50 mL graduated cylinder (Neogen item 9367)
  23. 250 mL graduated cylinder (Neogen item 9368)
  24. 500 mL wash bottle (Neogen item 9366)
  25. DRF 2100 Fluorometer (or equivalent) (Neogen item 9360)
  26. NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR developer (Neogen item 8048)
  27. NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR calibrators (Neogen item 8049)
  28. NeoColumn for Aflatoxin calibrator for 0.167 g method (Neogen item 8051)


Aflatoxin is extracted from a ground sample by blending and filtering. Extracted toxin in the filtrate is sampled and diluted with water. The diluted extract is filtered and applied to the column. positive pressure is used to induce flow through the column allowing the antibody to capture any aflatoxin present. Then, the column is washed to remove any non-bound materials. Bound aflatoxin is eluted using 100% methanol and collected in a test tube. Aflatoxin fluorescence is enhanced by the addition of a developer (bromine solution) and read in a calibrated fluorometer, which displays the concentration of aflatoxin.



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