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Course Objectives

To provide supplemental hands-on training to complement kit insert instructions.

Course Design

  • Description of Neogen Filter technology.
  • Explanation of plating procedure(s) for designated organism(s):
    • Review of aseptic techniques and safety
    • Demonstration of suitable mixing / homogenization
  • Demonstration of proper technique to perform filtration.
  • Highlight the proper incubation temperatures and times for designated organisms.
  • Explanation enumeration.
  • Interpretation of results:
    • Scoring plates
    • Correction for dilution factor upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to successfully and independently perform and interpret results.
Platform Training
Course Duration 4 hours
Package Weight kg

Additional Information

Prerequisites / Proficiency Level

All Neogen microbiological detection systems are designed for use by personnel familiar with appropriate aseptic techniques for the detection, isolation and identification of foodborne bacteria. It is recommended that technicians should have a basic knowledge of microbiology.

Prior to training, customer will be aware of material needed but not provided with Neogen Filters. All necessary equipment should be on site at the time of training.

Suggested duration up to 4 hours, based on attendee number.

Supporting Material

  • Kit insert instructions for designated pathogen
  • In-house support data
  • Interpretation guides