Soleris® Next Generation Computer with Fusion Software


Computer has the latest Fusion software, capable of running 32 instruments at the same time.
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This computer has been built with the latest version of Fusion software. This computer is required to run both the software and the associated instruments.
Brand Soleris®
Connectivity Ethernet/WIFI/Internet
Display Type Computer Monitor
Power Requirement 110V
Quantity per Package 1 Computer
Software Requirements Fusion Software (Pre-installed)
Storage Conditions Room temperature

Additional Information

  • Windows 10 Based Program using an SQL Database
  • The software automatically processes and stores all data and results
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Allows for random access to add tests throughout the day
  • LIMS Export Capability (*.CSV)
  • Automatic Audit Trail reports (Temperature, User Login, Samples)
  • Certificate of Analysis within 48 hours for most products tested
  • CoA can be customized
  • Electronic Signature Option
  • Alerts can be sent via e-mail
  • Support for many different IT Networking requirements
  • Customizable system settings
  • User Hierarchy – System Admin, Manager, and Operator Roles
  • The instrument can support 32 tests per device
  • Yellow LED and UV-LED Light Sources
  • Internal Backup System in place in case computer crashes
  • The display screen on the instrument lets the user know if the instrument is out of temperature range


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