Neogen® Quick Swab

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  • Neogen® Quick Swabs reduce labor required to prepare, gather, and plate environmental samples, increasing efficiencies.
  • Convenient design helps improve sampling consistency from tech-to-tech and plant-to-plant.
  • Sampling swab can be used wet or dry and can target hard to reach areas for increased sampling flexibility.
  • Self-contained sampling swab is easy to use and can reduce need for dilution mixing and pipetting for quick sampling.
  • Ready-to-use environmental swab quickly delivers 1 mL of sample onto a Neogen® Petrifilm Plate.
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The swabs can be used wet or dry to sample surfaces and quickly deliver 1 mL of sample onto a Neogen® Petrifilm® Plate. It can increase cost effectiveness per swab test by reducing the labor required to prepare, gather, and plate the sample. There is no need to prepare neutralizing diluents or use a pipette to add the sample to the plate or test. The swab is a convenient and quick collection device for sampling. This sampling device is decontaminated through gamma irradiation for a long shelf life. The Neogen® Quick Swab is made in the USA with globally sourced materials.

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) approach is the most widely accepted food safety management protocol worldwide. Sample collection products from Neogen® are a crucial part of this approach to identify potential food-borne hazards and pinpoint where they reside. Portability, stable enrichment media, and easy-to-handle swabs and sponges are designed to test for a wide variety of potential hazards and deliver accurate results. They are engineered to safely gather, hold, and secure contents from the collection site to the lab without leaking or compromising the sample.

The primary use of Letheen Broth is to neutralize the bactericidal action of quaternary ammonium compounds; it is used in hygiene swabbing practices where neutralizing quaternary ammonium compounds are required.

PlatformSample Collection
Storage Conditions2 to 25°C
Quantity per Package50 each
Package Dimensions21.50 cm x 14.50 cm x 5.00 cm
Package Weight0.75 lb


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