Petrifilm® Rapid Aerobic Count Plates

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  • Provides results within 24 hours of incubation time (except for dairy powders).
  • Plates are sample-ready, eliminating all the time-consuming steps of preparing media/agar dishes.
  • Dual-sensing indicator technology that facilitate colony enumeration.
  • This plate has been awarded Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) #2015.13 for Selected Food NF VALIDATION Neogen® 01/17-11/16 for Dairy products by AFNOR Certification
  • Can be used with the Petrifilm® Plate Reader Advanced for consistent, fast, automated reading and recording of results.
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The Neogen® Petrifilm® Rapid Aerobic Count Plates are a sample ready, culture medium system, which contain nutrients, a coldwater soluble gelling agent, and a dual sensing indicator technology that facilitate colony enumeration in 24 hours for most food matrices and environmental samples. Proven as reliable as the SMA plate method, Petrifilm Rapid Aerobic Count Plates help agar users avoid costly retesting and delayed results due to interpretation issues caused by spreader colonies. Aerobic count bacteria are present in a variety of food matrices and serve as indicators for food spoilage. Getting accurate aerobic bacteria counts in your raw materials, finished product and production environment are critical to making time sensitive decisions that impact process control, cleaning decisions and, ultimately, product quality and safety.

The Petrifilm Plate Advantage

In today’s environment of heightened focus on food safety and increasingly stringent quality requirements, labs are under pressure to provide tests that are fast, reliable and consistently accurate. Petrifilm Plates have demonstrated consistent performance that has been cited globally with more than 200 certificates, recognitions, validations, and peer-review publications. For almost 40 years, food safety professionals around the world have put their trust in Petrifilm Plates. That’s because Petrifilm Plates have streamlined, standardized and simplified the process of microbial quantitative indicator testing, improving productivity and helping ensure the highest levels of product quality.

PlatformRapid Microbiology
Result TypeQuantitative
ApprovalsThis plate has been awarded Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) #2015.13.for Selected Food NF VALIDATION Neogen® 01/17-11/16 for Dairy products by AFNOR Certification
Time to Result24 - 48 Hours
Storage Conditions-20 to 8°C (-4 to 46°F)
Quantity per Package50 plates
Package Dimensions19.50 cm x 17.00 cm x 3.70 cm
Package Weight0.49 lb


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