Palcam PAC Supplement

500 ml

Item No.  NCM4041-0.5

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A selective culture media supplement designed for the enrichment and isolation of Listeria spp. Palcam PAC Supplement is intended for use in culture media for the microbiological analysis of food, animal feed, water and environmental samples, and is for use with NCM0049 and NCM0111.
Brand Neogen® Culture Media
Platform Dehydrated Culture Media
Formula Liter
Polymyxin B 10.0 mg/L
Ceftazidime 20.0 mg/L
Acriflavine 5.0 mg/L
Preparation Reconstitute using sterile deionized/RO water
Previous Item Number Product was previously known as Abtek Product: #07-IS/LM5 PAC; and Acumedia Product: #7987 PalcamSupplement; and LabM Product: #X144 PAC Selective Supplement
Storage Conditions 2-8°C
Volume 500 mL
Quantity per Package 10 vials
Package Dimensions 1.96 in x 4.52 in x 2.16 in
Package Weight 0.40